ERP software isn’t built for marketers and product managers

ERP software is (usually) great at managing an organization’s finances, allocating resources and costs, and creating financial reports. However, it doesn’t provide a marketing-friendly interface and doesn’t cope well with the demands of multi-channel product output.

Producty™ makes it easy for you to import data from your existing ERP software into a purpose-built product management environment, allowing you to manage product and category hierarchy as well as detailed product information.

Hierarchy is difficult to establish and maintain

ERP software works by listing each product once, possibly letting you add a primary and secondary category as attributes of the product. However, accessing a hierarchical view of all products by category (or by primary, secondary and tertiary category) is often beyond the functionality of most ERP packages.

Challenging user experience for  maintaining detailed product attributes

Product catalogs, data sheets and website content often requires the creation and maintenance of twenty or more product attributes. Managing these products individually makes it hard to maintain consistent information across a product range.

ERP software can’t manage images

Most product-related output included images. However, most ERP software isn’t designed to include product images, let alone the management and refinement of images across a complex and changing product range.