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Join our partner program and enjoy feature packed software in your workflow

The Producty® Partner Program assists catalog designers, catalog automators and other specialist integrators to collaborate better with their customers to create information rich catalogs and other product-related output.

About Producty®

Producty® is a fully featured, easy-to-use, web-based product and catalog management solution.

Ideal for use by teams, Producty® provides a drag-and-drop interface for the creation and management of products and detailed product information.

Producty® streamlines the process of making catalogs, websites and other product output, from sourcing information from your existing spreadsheets or business databases through to our easy-to-use output which works with InDesign, EasyCatalog, WordPress/WooCommerce and other software.

Feature-packed software makes it easy for you and your customers

Producty® includes many features suited to assisting catalog designers and integrators to collaborate with their customers.

Benefits of using Producty® in your workflow

Save time

Using a well-designed product information management platform can save you hundreds of hours over the course of your catalog project.

Your customers will enjoy using our easy-to-use interface, which makes easy the process of managing product/catalog structure as well as detailed product attributes.

You will also have more time to focus on catalog design and products.

Collaborate with your customers directly in your web browser

You and your end customer can collaborate on data setup and work together to refine your catalog.

As you build up your own Producty® expertise you can focus on high value tasks, allowing your customer to focus on the day-to-day management of their products.

Import from your existing data

Producty® includes an easy-to use importer which efficiently imports your catalog/product structure, category text, products and product attributes from a spreadsheet. For 10,000 product records the importer takes less than two minutes!

Learn more about our feature: One-time import of products & structure.

EasyCatalog-ready export in known structure

Once a catalog has been created in Producty®, a complete EasyCatalog-ready export may be downloaded as an Excel (XLSX) file. This file contains the complete catalog structure and content, and is easily able to be loaded to a pre-configured EasyCatalog panel.

Field names are consistent from customer to customer, allowing you to focus on extending your EasyCatalog library design instead of worrying about your customer’s data.

Learn more about our feature: Export EasyCatalog ready file.

Learn more about Producty®

Our Getting started managing your products using Producty® guide explains more about how using Producty® can improve your existing EasyCatalog based workflow automation.

Earn ongoing revenue

Approved partners can earn regular income over the life of your customer’s subscription to Producty®.

Commitment to ongoing development

Catalog Automation Pty Ltd is committed to the continued (and rapid) development of Producty® as a best-of-breed product management and catalog creation workflow tool. Upon signing a confidentiality agreement we’d be happy to share some of our future plans with you.

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