What can Producty® do for you?

Producty® makes life easier across your business.

Nothing to install

Producty® is a browser-based app, which means you don’t need to deploy a specialized server or database, nor do you have to deploy new software to all users.

Share the load across your team

Collaborating with your marketing team, product managers and operations department is a breeze with Producty®. It’s accessed online via your web browser, making it easy for team members to access from anywhere in the world.

Single-source product information

Having your product information stored in multiple places is a costly waste of time that allows errors to creep in. Producty® makes it easy for you to import information from external sources and to manage very detailed product information.

Create complex product output, easily

Producty® has been designed with user output in mind – whether you’re creating a website, complex catalog, price list, product data sheet, or outputting direct to PDF.

Integrates with common applications

Producty® is designed to make it easy for you to share information with leading applications such as Adobe InDesign, EasyCatalog and WordPress/WooCommerce.