Why use Producty®?

Create engaging product output

Producty® is designed with the end product in mind. Our intuitive UX makes creating catalogs and websites easy, whether you’re entering simple data for the first time or creating complex product attribute tables.

Create and edit product attributes

Producty® makes storing 20+ product attribute values per product easy, via our mix of category and product data entry screens. Product attributes are setup for use across an organization and duplicate attributes can be easily found and removed. This ensures a tidy, error-free database of product attributes, which can be used to create catalogs or populate your website.

Reduce errors

Maintaining your product data in an easy-to-use, team-based environment makes it easy for your product managers and marketing team to create and maintain accurate information, which can then be used as the basis for your product catalog or website.

Context is everything

Producty® makes it easy for you to edit similar products at the same time. You can easily copy values from one product to another, or compare product entries, to keep your formatting consistent across your product range.

Save time, save money

Producty® makes product information management quick and easy. If you’re currently maintaining your product information in a spreadsheet, your ERP software, or in a desktop publishing package, then you’re probably wasting hundreds of hours trying to shoehorn your products, category structure, and detailed product information into an environment that’s simply not fit for purpose.

Producty® gives you all the tools you need to maintain detailed product information and to output this information to a printed catalog, product data sheet, PDF, or your website. Removing repeated effort and optimizing your workflow will save you thousands of dollars every year.

Team-based software lets you spread the load

Maintaining your product information can be a labour-intensive task, but with Producty® you can involve a mix of technical specialists, product managers and data entry specialists. Moving tasks off critical path in a catalog or website launch can save you thousands in direct labour and lessen (or completely remove) the need for costly contract labour at the pointy end of your project. Producty® helps you to prioritize where you deploy your team’s effort to make product information management a cross-business function.

Single-source software saves on additional costs

If you’re not using a single-source product information management solution, there’s a good chance you have your marketing and product content spread across your website CMS, ERP software, and probably in more than one spreadsheet as well. This mess costs you time and money to maintain – from the initial software purchase, configuration, customization, training, updates and maintenance. Producty® saves you money by reducing the need for additional customization and unnecessary software.