Graphic Designers

Producty® helps Graphic Designers to create exceptional product-related content in a timely and efficient way.

Share the load across your team

Collaborating with your marketing team, product managers and operations department is a breeze. Producty® is accessed via a web-browser, making it easy for team members to access from anywhere.

Single-source product information

Maintaining information in more than one place costs money and wastes time, as well as making it easy for errors to creep in. Producty® makes it easy for you to import information from external sources and to manage very detailed information in our purpose-built software.

Create complex product output, easily

Producty® was designed with user output in mind – whether you’re creating a website, complex catalog, price list, product data sheets or other output.

Producty® features for Graphic Designers

Producty® includes tools specifically designed to make product management easier for Graphic Designers.

Create smart tables

Flexibly and efficiently create product and attribute tables containing exactly the information and layout you require.

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Export EasyCatalog ready file

Export your full catalog data at any time to an EasyCatalog ready file.

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Why use Producty®?

Create engaging product output

Seamlessly create fully-featured printed product catalogs, data sheets, websites and more.

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Take charge of your product information

Producty™ makes it easy for you to create, edit and delete products and product categories.

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Save time, save money

Save hundreds of hours of labor and thousands of dollars in software costs by using a single-source product management solution.

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