IT Managers

Producty™ helps IT Managers by providing fit-for-purpose tools in a browser-based environment.

Nothing to install

Producty is a browser-based application, which means you don’t need to deploy a specialized server or database, nor do you have to deploy an application to all users.

Single-source product information

Maintaining information in more than one place costs money and wastes time, as well as making it easy for errors to creep in. Producty™ makes it easy for you to import information from external sources and to manage very detailed information in our purpose-built software.

Integrates with common applications

Producty™ is designed to make it easy for you to share information with leading applications such as Adobe InDesign, EasyCatalog and WordPress/WooCommerce.

Producty™ features for IT Managers

Producty™ includes tools specifically designed to make life easier for IT Managers.

Load data via API or connector†

Load your product & catalog data from your existing web CMS, ERP, or PIM software.
†Launching Q4 2021.

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Why use Producty™?

Create engaging product output

Seamlessly create fully-featured printed product catalogs, data sheets, websites and more.

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Take charge of your product information

Producty™ makes it easy for you to create, edit and delete products and product categories.

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Save time, save money

Save hundreds of hours of labor and thousands of dollars in software costs by using a single-source product management solution.

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