Manage product attributes

Easily manage the product attributes associated with your products.

Manage which product attributes appear for each product.

Take control of your product data by storing attributes as editable data values.

Keep it detailed

Product attributes are important. Choosing which ones to display for each product is vital to communicate key information about your product range to your customers.

Producty™ allows you to flexibly control which attributes are shown for each product.

One field, one value

Data management best-practice is to store one piece of data per field, allowing you to easily query and sort data values. Producty™ makes it easy for you to store individual attributes (e.g. length, width and height) and display them together in your catalogue.

Attributes, for instance

In some situations, you may want to store a different attribute value each time the product is included within your category structure. This feature is perfect for application-based layouts (e.g. to cross reference a spare part or consumable with multiple products), without the need to add unnecessary additional product attributes. [Product instance attributes are launching Q1 2020.]