Multiple language support

Manage your product attributes and category text in multiple languages.

Create content in multiple languages quickly and easily to drive multi-language product output.

Languages supported

Producty® currently supports more than 100 language variations, including multiple variations for common languages (e.g. English variations are available for en_AU, en_CA, en_GB, en_IN, en_NZ, en_PH, en_US, en_ZA, en_ZW) which gives you the flexibility provide region-specific content along with text in different languages.

Product attributes

Producty® makes it easy to edit product attributes across multiple languages. Up to three languages can be simultaneously edited within the product attribute grid. The languages displayed within this grid may be selected/deselected as required.

Output in multiple languages

Producty® supports two distinct methods of exporting different languages:

  1. Separate exports for each language, allowing you to create separate catalogs, brochures and pricelists for each language variation.
  2. Consolidated exports including all language variants within a single export, allowing you to create multi-language catalogs, brochures and pricelists.