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Producty® is a fully featured, easy-to-use, web-based product and catalog management solution. It enables you to manage products interactively online and create professional catalogs for customers in a snap.

Ideal for use by teams, Producty® allows you to create and maintain product entries with ease using a drag and drop interface. It is designed to make creating catalogs, web-based retail sites and other product output seamless.

Producty® is a marketer’s dream, allowing you to output your product data to your favourite desktop publishing software, online shopping solution, or directly from Producty® to PDF, without breaking a sweat.

The online interface allows you to:

  • Create trustworthy output
  • Take charge of your product information
  • Save time and money

Learn more about how Producty® can help your product managers, graphic designers, marketers and IT managers.

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